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  • Радка
    I saw the information about Detoxic accidentally opened page in the browser and one of them was advertising. I'm always afraid to get something like this, and then read that it can be consumed by children and decided to buy it for prevention. Helped me. Apparently, I really was infected with parasites and didn't even know about it! I became easier to live, the skin is clearer, I'm less hungry and even lost a little weight.
  • Тодор
    With worms faced after son went to school. Where he brought them – I don't know, but eventually infected the entire family. The doctors advised us to buy Detoxic: and the price is small and efficiency is good. Not to go against the recommendations of specialists, he was prescribed a course the whole family. The tests are all normal.
  • Йорданка
    Cutting the course and realized that this is almost not lived. There were so many problems! Now I feel much better, recovered a chair, I want to live, work, whence did the energy business. At the same time forced the family to take a preventive course, to make sure they are not infected. Tests done, no worms.
  • Марийка
    Daughter started with allergies about 5 years. Checked in different ways, not know what. The skin was red spots, literally from everything. The pediatrician insisted that it is an allergic reaction, and I have not seen system: the spots appear constantly, regardless of diet. Eventually decided to your own risk to order and drink Detoxic. Help! "Allergy" has disappeared after a course of treatment, and the daughter started to hurt less.
  • Васил
    After a trip to a vacation noticed that it's hard for me to engage in Hobbies and work, no interest in life, constantly something sick. The apparent cause was not, so at first I did not think, but when I realized that it has already decided to do something. Was tested for worms, among others, and appeared to be infected. Detoxic helped for two courses.
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