They are dangerous parasites in the body

Specific diseases are related to parasites. They cause a special parasite that is adapted to living in or on the body of a man, and that they feed and replicate, passing on it, or with it. A person may be a parasite as the go-between, and the completion of a master's degree or be in the body to develop eggs and larvae, or adults). Depending on the species of parasite and the location of the lesion, it may be pointed out many of the diseases that are caused by them. The most common helminthiasis — disease resulting from parasitism, with special types of worms.

Parasites: several types of worms in the body

for the treatment of parasites

The largest group of parasites that can inhabit the body of a man, it's about the various types of worms, such as flat or round. They are linked to a group of diseases that doctors call it the generic name of "helminthiasis". Each one had such a group, they have their own ways and methods of infection, the characteristics of the life-cycle of the development of the clinical manifestations, as well as how the methods of treatment. What's more, the parasite is able to, for the sake of their life-cycle, provide the specific hassle-free. Two of the most common pests that you might be getting sick, people are pinworms, and roundworm, Trichinella, pork, or beef apni.

The types of parasites and the characteristics of the chain of infection

If there are any indirect evidence of an infestation of worms, it can be assumed that in the body of a man, living in one of the two types of parasites. Note, however, that the treatment was effective and appropriate, it is important for you to know the kinds of parasites, as well as what are the organs and the systems they affected. For this reason, it is important to pass a comprehensive examination, and pass a series of tests. Why is this so?

First of all, it is important to remember that different types of parasites that live inside the body of the host into a state-of-the maggots (if you are a go-between from to his master, or a Mature individual (for the end). In this regard, therapeutic impact, depending on the state in which the worm may be different, as well as the habitat of the parasite.

These types of parasites, such as Echinococcus, the man is dangerous in the larval stages. The larvae, on the way to the rounded capsules-cysts, filled with liquid poison to be surprised in the lungs, liver, kidneys, lungs, or brain. The inside of these organs over the course of many months (or years) of growth in Echinococcusnew cyst, which contains the larvae. And here are some of the types of parasites, such as pinworms are living in your body, in the form of the individuals are sexually mature. The females crawl out of the rectum, for the purpose of delaying the millions of eggs that are found with fecal matter on the external environment.

Depending on the type of pests, as well as the reactions of the body upon them, and the location of the injury, the response of the organism and the clinical manifestation varies from the asymptomatic to the express and heavy, even to the death. It is also worth remembering that there are options, and in a mixed infection, as the body immediately, simultaneously, to live and some kinds of parasites.

How to fit any of the parasites in the body

The shapes of the penetration of the parasites into the body may be different. A lot of times this is the case when the body of a man, to penetrate the eggs of the parasite with a wide range of products, or in the water with dirty hands, as well as through broken skin, for insect bites. Often, the eggs of the worms are long-lived and are saved in the format of ' eggs on the ground, in the water or on the surface of the object. On entering the body via the hands, food, or not being carried out because of the treatment of the water, there is a penetration of the parasites into the body, where the eggs are rapidly maturing, and they leave their larvae (the intermediate options of the parasite), or a mature individual.

It is important to note that the parasites in the body can cause some serious damage, even if there is no explicit indication of failure. Most of all, they eat from his master, and depriving it of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, the parasites in the body increases dramatically, an Allergy of the body, the overly-excite the immune system, which poses a threat to the development of spontaneous diseases of the skin and other allergic reactions, is already well-known products or substances.

The body is not in consideration for the entry to it, without a purpose, especially if the soft tissues and internal organs. Therefore, in muscles and in the tissues that are formed in the protective inflammatory capsules, they clean the parasites from the tissues of healthy. This leads to the formation of cysts of the parasite, often full of life, that of the worms. Many times, the body is also responsible for the introduction of parasites, and that the mental functions of the digestive tract, the worms live in the intestines, changes in appetite, weight fluctuations, and an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

It's not worth to think about the issue of parasites is only valid for people in the poorest countries and, incidentally, related to health. The prevalence of the worm it hits, it is comparable, according to the world health organization, such diseases as SARS and influenza. For this reason, we regularly need to submit to an examination, and the elimination of the parasites.

What should be the analysis of the parasite

the damage of pests

Many patients mistakenly believe that a single examination for parasites ("lime" or " swab the perianal), which showed a negative result of this is a guarantee of the absence of parasites in the body. However, the reality is not so, and that this result does not tell us anything. In the first place, the parasite may be extraintestinal who live in other organs and tissues, and their eggs or larvae, just don't fall off the stool.

In the second place, in the time of harvest, the analysis of the parasite may be responsible for this period of the life of the parasite, he does lay eggs. And in the third place, there is a risk of non-compliance with any of the conditions to the completion of the examination, and, therefore, the eggs are just not found in the sample, which was granted.

Therefore, if you are talking about intestinal worms, when it is given to a review of the parasites, the feces are to be distributed triple at set intervals, in order to confirm the presence or absence of the parasite. This technique, with a probability of 90% you can talk to you about the confirmation, or denial of the diagnosis.

It is most telling in this respect, the analysis of parasites from vienna, and with the definition of antibodies are, in one way or the other without a purpose. If the body is not in contact with the parasite more recently, they've got the antibodies for the M-class, according to him, the one that will determine the the causative agent. The long-lasting presence of the parasite, it will take longer, and the antibodies of other classes.