The parasites in the human body

The body of the man of people, a multitude of invisible beings. However, not all of them are beneficial, some bring a huge damage to the health. These micro-organisms – pests, are helminths. This is parasitic in the human body, they attach to the walls of the tissues and organs they feed, for the account of, entering into the body of nutrients, causing irreparable damage to his life.

parasites in the human

Parasitic worms that might be in the course of the year, and I wouldn't be noticed. The manifestations of the invasion and it's so diverse and you are able to remember the symptoms of other diseases, and that recognizing them is very difficult. The presence of worms in the body it shows, and the analyses provided in the facility. When harmful microorganisms from being intimidated by the person, the day, the worse their well-being and quality of life.

A wide variety of pests

In practice, there are more than 400 species of parasitic worms. There is a classification dividing them into groups for a variety of reasons:

  • The location of the habitat of helminths are divided into the gut and out the bowel. Intestinal worms live in poverty in the bulk and in the small intestine of man. Out-worms in the bowel, traveling through the body, and choosing your address from other agencies (for example, the gall bladder, the heart, eyes, brain).
  • In accordance with the method of the invasion of shared helminths in transmitted through contact with infected people, and through the hygiene items, which have been transmitted through the striking of the meat and contact with pets and pests, which are part of the cycle of life going on on the ground.
  • By the biology of the worms, which are divided in the tape, and round worms. Each and every one of these groups, you have a myriad of representatives. Just practice, there are more than 400 species of helminths.

The most common of the worms that live in the human body, they are roundworm, pinworms Giardia, Echinococcus, tapeworm wide, the bovine and pork tapeworm.

Most of them are common among young children. The infection usually occurs due to non-compliance of the activities of self-care. The body of the infant is very vulnerable and susceptible to infection with worms.

The parasites in the body of a human to bind to the walls of the organ, or of the mucous membranes of the feed-through of the substances that enter the body with life and vitamins. Toxic to the allocation of the pest, over time, breaks down the immune system, leading to inflammation and the development of serious diseases.

The pathogens are able to travel through the human body causing it to decay, that is, the rate of re-infection and the development of the human species. The location of the parasite may be no more complex than that, with the help of the pills, can't kick out, and then apply the technique to the surgical treatment.

Methods of infection

It is a disease that the parasite may take in not only the unclean from the hands, or the animals. Many people believe that you take care of the purity of the body, and do not contain an at-home pet, you can prevent the infection by the worms. This is in the wrong. There are a number of causes for the occurrence of parasitic diseases in the human body:

  • Worms can become infected through poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Best of all, the well-washed vegetables, rinsing the water, boil the water, which will reduce the risk of hiv infection. Vegetables it is best to be soaked in salted water for about half an hour (1. h. l., to 1 quart of liquid).
  • Ill-baked, or the dough for the meat of the animals, the birds, they can become a source of infection. Worms often live in the bodies of animals and fish. The cooling or freezing of such products, you can't guarantee protection against the dangers of re-infection.
  • When you swim in the rivers, the lakes, and not to be trusted, the sites, and the risk of becoming infected with worms from the body increases significantly.
  • Mosquitoes and other insects with sucking of the blood is able to transport the larvae of dangerous parasites.
  • The straits of consumption and contact with infected with worm a man can become the root cause of the infection.
  • Contact with animals can spread the disease.

The infection parasitesheskimi of worms, and it may be the case even if the high level of safety, when the frequency of hand-washing and avoidance of close contact with the animals. It is important to detect the symptoms of the disease and take the appropriate action. It is interesting that people whose immunity is strong and is not affected by the toxins of a non-commercial, can be overcome by the attackers with malicious people. For this reason, it is not necessary for the application of special drugs, your body is going to do it all by yourself, and killing is not requested from the people.

The main symptoms of the disease

Semiology injury to the human body parasitesheskimi worms are incredibly diverse. The manifestation of the attack would be similar to that of a chain of other illnesses, making diagnosis of the problem. It all depends on the location of the parasites in the body, and its variants. The plagues will have the following exposure in the human:

  • secrete toxins, poisonslaudie a winter wonderland of real to a person;
  • elicit allergic reactions;
  • they contribute to protein-energy crashes;
  • the absorption of vitamins, causing them to lack in the body.
  • to contribute to the reduction of immunity.

The development of micro-organisms through the various stages, depending on the which you can use to draw attention to the leading characteristic symptoms.

the vectors of the parasite

The acute phase is characterized by an common poisoning of the whole human organism, causing allergic rashes. In addition to this, it's a disease and parasite during the acute phase may have symptoms such as the following:

  • the increase in the temperature of the body;and
  • muscle aches and joint pain;
  • an increase in the lymph nodes;
  • the pain in the stomach;
  • inflammation of the organs of respiration;
  • the irritability of the nerves;
  • the drastic reduction of the mass of the body.

In the chronic phase of the disease is characterized violation of the functionality of those organs, where the worms settle. The attendant symptoms may include the following:

  • intestinal worms are capable of causing obstruction to, or cause disease;
  • the worms settled in the gall-bladder and ducts, it can cause hepatitis, cholecystitis;
  • some types of worms, to surprise, to disturb the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • parasites in the stomach and cause digestive disturbances and to complement the work of the intestine.

It should be kept in mind that the external quality – the key indicator of the health of a person. Tired-of-view, dry, chapped skin, cracks in heels, sometimes they talk to you about the cosmetic problems and serious difficulties in the body of a person to be the pest. Once the parasitesheskimi worms always manifest itself in the reduction of immunity, and, consequently, the adhesion of the various diseases. That are particularly vulnerable to hiv infection in small children and the elderly. But, the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases, the patient has a decrease in the quality of life, impairment of well-being. They live in a man-worm, when it is to increase the population, and some of them are moving in different ways in other works in any media, or any other organ of the patient.

The diagnosis of the presence of the parasite

Modern medicine has taken a major step in diagnosing a problem of a parasitic worm species. To many, the practice of a topic for, especially, young mothers, ask me about how to determine the presence of parasites in the body? To diagnose the problem, it's actually quite difficult, especially if you have certain other health problems.

Before all that you can offer to medicine, it was an examination of the feces under the microscope, and the decision on the review of the duodenalprofessional the contents of the gall-bladder. The result is not dependent on the wizard's laboratory, which has studied the material recovered with the implementation of the special equipment. He was able to see the larvae or eggs of worms, or not even realizing it. In addition, at the time of making analysis of the worm can not to defer to the eggs, and then the analysis yields a plain, and the parasites that this time, we have gained into the patient.

Now, the diagnosis of parasites, and had made good progress. Modern immunological studies are able to detect just about any worm infestation. The significance of the so-called ELISA analysis lies in the fact that it does not identify the parasites themselves, and the antibodies produced by the body in response to the actions of other destructive worms.

However, when all of the most recent technology, the old methods for the detection of worms that are still in use, and with great success, in spite of the ELISA tests are the most sensitive, and the result turns out to be real. The diagnosis of the parasites in the human body, it has the ultra-sound research, a ct scan or an mri scan, but it's also a series of additional analyses, if there is a limitation to the extinction of the doctor. Each case is unique and requires a specialist.

Because, paying particular attention to the information on how to identify parasites in the body of a human in the first place, it is best to go to the doctor and listen to their opinions. You should not self-medicate, and to assign to itself the same procedure by itself, it can be very dangerous.

The treatment of the infestation

The treatment of the injuries on the body of the parasites that are in the department-doctor of infectious diseases. The first signs of the presence of worms in the body, a person has to become a whistle of alarm and reason for visiting the office of this doctor. The practice of self-treatment and to take the drug the drug is out of the question. This can lead to serious consequences, including allergic reactions or poisoning. Therefore, it can cause irreparable damage to the body. Many times people try to take for myself, to resort to the prescription medicine is popular, but it is wrong, and that it can only hurt you. The disease should be treated with special tools, it is possible to set up with the same name, but not by yourself. Treatment should be agreed with your doctor.

The treatment must take place not only the patient, but all of the members of his family. In this case, are to be observed in the measures of hygiene in order to prevent damage. It also recommended to repeat the therapy after a break of 10 days.

It is important to understand that even proven medicines when their long term use can cause irreparable damage to the body. They are extremely toxic, not only to the parasites themselves, but also for the human body in general. Patients may also develop cirrhosis of the liver, nephritis, renal failure, and other serious illnesses. To extract a specific type of worm, it may be necessary to the operating of the action.

After the effects of a treatment with special medicines, you should carry out a salvage therapy. To do this, take a probiotic to normalize your bowel functioning. The bonds shall be in the receipt of funds from the herbs to the recovery of weakened immunity, as well as the cleaning of Silybum marianum to return to a damaged liver.

Human parasite-treated, and income on the medicine of the people. For this reason, there is a huge variety of recipes, you are able to don't exterminate the pests, then, is essentially a supplement to traditional medicine.

When the tape-worm, which is one of the most common types that live in the human body, and it helps the color of the horseradish and the garlic clove. In addition to the same ingredients that you will need in order to pour alcohol or vodka and let it brew in the next 10 days. After that, take 1 St. l. in the evening.

In the case of contamination, tape worms, and helps in the rind of the pomegranate fruit. His brew of boiling water, and drinking a 1. h. l., before the intake of food.

Cilantro is also a great tool for you. The plant seeds need to fry and grind into powder, take 1 gram for 5 days.

Prevention of infestation

for the treatment of parasites

So as not to have to wonder about how to know whether the parasites in the human body, there is a need of intrusion prevention. It doesn't take a lot of time, and it is able to prevent the infection of a person with a worm. Even more so, that the treatment was always much greater and much more expensive than prevention of the disease.

Of course, don't forget about the free procedure. In particular, more needs to wash their hands, and this is especially true after a visit to a public place, the restroom. It's not worth to use personal property to another person (including a comb, toothbrush, towel). The cleaning of the house is in need of special attention, with the major to carry out a wet cleaning of domestic areas as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are used in the food, it is recommended to wash, preferably by rinsing it with boiling water. Meat, fish and seafood, you need to expose to the heat treatment, leading to the preparation. The health of your pet, it should not be from side to side. You have to be more careful of his health, and becomes a regular on the prevention of helminths.

In preference to the more frequently checked for the presence of parasites, and the passing of examinations at the hospital, or passing through an ELISA test. The first signs of the presence of parasites in the human body, must be the proximate cause of visits to the hospital, and their doctor.

It is also important to have annual, preventive grace, the cure, the script, and taking the medicine against the parasite. The drug can be attributed only to the physician, based on the results of the analyses and studies, in order not to cause harm, the acquisition of a strong, toxic medication.

Many people do not give a value of concern to highlight, such as the peeling of the skin, allergic reactions, cracks in your heels, or even from other countries, and, in the meantime, this may indicate the presence of parasitic worms. The worms have a negative impact in general on the whole of the body, and in particular to the places they inhabit. Hook upleasy in the tissues, and they are living in poverty, through the nutrients that enter the body through food and vitamins. So the body has something like this, the substances necessary for life and health. When it significantly diminishes the quality of life and a worsening of their well-being. In order to avoid this, you should on a regular basis, prevention of infections, and to submit to a medical examination, and a medical doctor.